Helping the environment

Designed from the outset to exceed current environmental legislation. HRO buildings are BREEAM and HQE certified. Care is taken selecting materials that are of low environmental impact but ensure end-user comfort.

– Solar gains minimised by intelligent facade orientation and interior sun blinds
– Low energy lighting with automatic sensors, which adjust the level of luminosity according to the amount of natural light available
– A state-of-the-art building management system, which enables energy consumption control whilst optimising tenant comfort
– Full supervision and control of the heating, cooling and ventilation units
– Complete control by each occupier
– Possibility to define localised use outside normal office hours
– State-of-the-art roof mounted chillers with frictionless bearings
– Operating costs reduced through systems, which are easy to operate and cost effective to maintain
– Lifts using regenerative drive to recover electricity
– ‘Night cooling’ – the building is cooled with fresh air when appropriate
– Air conditioning is on a closed loop, thereby reducing water consumption
– Each toilet has its own water heating units
– Taps with automatic sensors and toilets with double flush reduce water consumption
– Rain water is recovered and used for watering the gardens
– Delivery bays that encourage waste sorting for recycling